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I hopped on a strategy call with Justin and he helped me pinpoint an issue I was having and gave me some excellent perspective. I’ll be following through with implementing his advice. Great experience, I highly recommend his services. This company knows what they’re doing.

- Aaron Cottle - 7th Year Marketing


Justin helped me with getting my SEO together for my clothing Brand. He reviewed my website and instead of just fixing things he gave me some very useful tips that I can use moving forward. Highly recommend his services.

- Deante Howard - Equris Clothing


Unbelievable presentation and lead generation strategy - I was super impressed with their ability to understand my business, come up with a strategic direction that was on point and at a value that's unheard of. If you need help with lead gen, this is your company. A+++

- Richard Tiland - New Evolution Video

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Before you decide to sign up, let me tell you what this consultation WON'T be.

  • This will NOT be a pre-recorded video.

  • This will NOT be a generic "one size fits all" presentation.

  • This will NOT be a free consultation designed to up-sell you expensive services.


Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you what this consultation WILL be.

  • This WILL be catered specifically to you and your business.

  • We WILL look at the specific strengths and weaknesses in your online presence.

  • We WILL talk about proven strategies to get you more customers both online and offline.

City Sky

Being a Business Owner is Tough.

JNF was founded on the idea that business owners should be empowered. It can be frustrating to put your life and soul into your business, only to see it not get the results you deserve. 

This can make many business owners want to give up. They feel like if only they had the man power or money the big guys had that they could be successful.

What if there was a way to use the same strategies as multimillion dollar companies on a small business budget?

The JNF method has been used by small business owners just like you to grow their customer base and sales pipelines. This is because specialists at JNF have years of industry experience in digital marketing and sales. 

Companies that have been reached using JNF strategies include Aldi, AT&T, J. Crew, Sephora, Target, and more. Here are a few accomplishments small business owners have achieved working with the JNF system:

  • Helped a small tech firm secure a six-figure application development campaign.

  • Helped an app developer book 2 app development deals within the first month of their campaign.

  • Helped a company culture trainer secure weekly appointments and revenue with high ticket price clients.

  • Generated over 300 qualified leads for an eco-friendly construction company.

  • Generated weekly quality appointments for an AI driven property management service company with a conversion rate of over 50%.