Why choose JNF?

If you aren't working towards improving your lead generation process, you can be guaranteed your competitors are.

With the recent insurgence of freelancers and small business success stories, there has never been a better time to grow your company. The market has spoken. Small business owners can now compete on an even playing field with large corporations. JNF is the only lead generation agency dedicated exclusively to helping small business owners scale their revenue.

To grow effectively, small businesses require a digital marketing and lead generation agency with a purpose. Companies work with JNF because:

  • We integrate with existing programs for seamless campaign startups

  • We provide measurable ROI and weekly check-ins to guarantee quality

  • We create consistent results that scale with the growth of your business






Your company isn't one size fits all. So your lead strategy shouldn't be either. JNF will work closely with you to determine the best strategy for accomplishing your business goals. 


Once your lead generation strategy is developed, the next step is implementation. Using industry insights, JNF creates messaging that has been proven to convert prospects.


It's not enough to generate interest. You need a lead generation partner that includes lead nurturing and appointment setting. JNF provides these services standard to all of our clients.

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